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Private Investigation 7/19/2019

Captured Evidence

In this video, you will see a smokey/mist materialize right in front of the camera. No one in the home smokes and it there is nothing in the room that could have caused this phenomena.

In this SLS Video footage you will see a figure appear next to the lamp. At first we thought the SLS could be trying to place a figure to the lamp itself. That was until it moved off the lamp and onto the wall...

In this audio clip, you will hear Investigator Leo ask if something is afraid of him. Listen very closely to after he speaks. Its very faint but you can hear what we believe to be a  distressed woman saying "No, Help". The words sounds like they are being drawn out like a woman is on the verge of crying and breaking down. (we didn't amplify the audio so we can keep the integrity and authenticity of the file. You will need to have headphones to hear this EVP.)

During this audio clip, the recorder was left in the basement in a crawl space with no one present. You can hear the footsteps on the floor above from the investigators on site. But you can also hear shuffling around next to the recorder. At one point it even sounds like someone places something down right next to the recorder. In this particular area of the basement we had several pieces of equipment drain of battery power almost instantly.

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