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ECCPI Paranormal Equipment

The East Coast Coalition of Paranormal Investigators uses a variety of equipment to document data on the paranormal. Below are some of the pieces of equipment that  we currently utilize on every investigation. As the evolves so will the equipment we utilize. We are always researching new equipment to add that can help us better serve our clients. Our clients are always our #1 Priority. 

Camera Equipment

We utilize two Digital Video Camera's (DVC's) during our investigations. They have built in IR lights and are ideal for recording rooms. We primarily use these in areas where our DVR cameras cannot reach.


Digital Video Camera's

Night Owl DVR System


We utilize an 8 channel Night Owl DVR system on our investigations. We have four cameras that are audio equipped and 4 that do not support audio. These cameras record video continuously throughout the entire investigation.

SLS Camera


We utilize a Structured Light Sensor Camera (SLS Camera) on our investigations. This particular camera is used to help us interact with potential entities. The camera works by adding a stick figure to a potential anomaly. Thus giving the entity a shape in which the investigators may interact with.


Trail Cameras

We utilize Trail Cameras on our Investigations as well. Although typically used for hunting, they are great tools for a paranormal team. We typically place these in areas where our DVR or Digital Video Cameras can't be placed. They only record video when they detect motion.

EMF Detectors

MEL Meter

The MEL Meter is a versatile and useful tool for paranormal investigators. The MEL Meter takes readings on the ambient temperature as well as Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). We utilize this piece of equipment while taking baseline readings as well as while investigating. We can use this to find and confirm cold spots.


KII Meter

The KII Meter is a useful piece of equipment when used to communicate. During EVP Sessions you can use the device as a conduit for a Yes or No response. However be very cognizant of whats going on around you. These devices can be easily manipulated by 2 way radio frequencies or even cell phone signals. So we use the K2 Meter very sparingly and always try to collect data to back it up.



The REM Pod is a useful tool in the paranormal field. This particular model detects EMF around the device and can also alert investigators if there is a temperature fluctuation. When the temperature fluctuates a blue or red light will shine depending on of its hotter or colder. An audible alarm will also sound if there is a change in the Electromagnetic Field surrounding the device.


Other Equipment We Use

ParaForce Ghost Box

The ParaForce Ghost Box is one of ECCPI's newer pieces of equipment. It is similar to the PSB-7 Spirit Box, however it has a built in filter. The devices filter eliminates any possible radio bleed from the frequencies which creates a pure white noise. So if there is any type of response on this device, then there is reason to believe that we are communicating with some spirit.


PSB-7 Spirit Box

The PSB-7 Spirit Box is a device that is used to assist during EVP Sessions. It is essentially a mini radio that sweeps through different frequencies at different rates of speed. Entities can project their voices through the white noise or static that is played through the speakers. When using the box we look for responses that are several syllables or words long. The longer the reply, the better.


EM Pump

The EM Pump is an important piece of equipment. We utilize this as a source of energy for entities to draw from. It is said that spirits will draw energy from devices so they are able to communicate with us. With this device we supply an unlimited amount of energy for them to use to hopefully make their presence known.


Motion Sensors

We utilize up to 4 motion sensors on our investigations. These are usually placed in areas where shadows are reported. The hope is that the motion sensor will illuminate when a shadow passes in front of it. Motion sensors are usually placed in hallways or doorways and will always be visible by a camera. So if the sensor  triggers, we will always have eyes on them.

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