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David Butterworth, Founder/Head Investigator


Personal History

David experienced his first paranormal encounter when he was 12 years old. He saw an apparition appear right next to his bed in the middle of the night. Little did he know that experience would be the first of many that ultimately helped him become a paranormal investigator. At 14 David began conducting investigations in his home with friends trying to get to the bottom of the activity that had tormented his family. By 16 David had begun visiting haunted locations like Fort Revere in Hull, MA. At age 19 He joined his first team and began to really accelerate his growth as a paranormal investigator. David was part of two teams before ultimately co founding The East Coast Coalition of Paranormal Investigators in September of 2017. His main goal is to help people who are afraid and don't know who to go to for help when dealing with the paranormal. Because of his experiences growing up, he is able to relate with clients and help them to not only understand the phenomena, but to not be afraid of it.

Head Investigators

Michael R.

Personal History:

Michael first encountered the paranormal when he was 14 years old when he began to experience things that had no rational explanation. There has been one memory that sticks with him to this day from his childhood. While walking the family dog through a century’s old cemetery next to his house, he came across his first shadow figure. Once that event happened, he began to experience other odd occurrences that he deemed as messages but had no apparent pattern or reason to them. Years later while working as a corrections officer, Michael saw his first full body apparition. He saw a former inmate “walking the flats” long after final lock in.

            Michael has always felt he was empathic in some way, but it was not until later in life when he decided to work on enhancing and honing his abilities. Michael can sense events and situations before they happen as well as pick up on events from the past. Even though he has

Michael was interviewed by ECCPI Founder David in February 2019. Although Michael had little experience investigating, his inquisitive attitude helped David offer him a spot on the ECCPI team. Michael quickly caught on to investigation techniques and has consistently impressed ECCPI members with his out of the box thinking when it comes to debunking. Michael is a fearless investigator and will often go into places others may not feel comfortable with. His compassion for clients, spirits, and his peers make him a valued member of ECCPI.

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Tammy W.

Personal History:

Tammy had her first experience with the paranormal at age 5. She encountered a shadow figure that would eventually begin to torment her as she got older. At the age of 12 she had lived in a home that was haunted with poltergeist type activity. She had witnessed her brother being lifted and thrown by something no one could see. These events she experienced in her childhood would be the foundation to her curiosity in the paranormal. She began to ask why these events were happening and what would be causing them as well as to how to make them stop. At age 17, Tammy began her journey into the paranormal. Tammy along with her two aunts and a family friend began investigating hauntings in peoples home as well as performing house cleansings to help rid negative spirits from these homes.

                Upon moving to NH, Tammy started a team along side Joannie and investigated haunted locations and helping others who were experiencing paranormal activity. Tammy also began to use

her clairvoyant abilities to help other teams identify hotspots and keep the teams safe while they would investigate. When Tammy learned of a new team forming called ECCPI she applied and has become a valued member of the team. Helping lead investigations as well as helping clients understand what is going on in their homes.

ECCPI Specific Role:

Tammy is one of the 3 Head Investigators. As a head investigator Tammy is often turned to lead investigations. She helps ensure that every aspect of the investigation is running smoothly and safely. As a Head Investigator she is also responsible for making critical team related decisions along side the other head investigators.

ECCPI History:

Tammy was one of the first people to be interviewed for ECCPI. Tammy’s extensive knowledge of the paranormal and compassion for clients separated her from the rest. Tammy helps ECCPI take on some of the more negative cases we may encounter. Because of her years of experience with home cleansings and Investigating she quickly became a valued member of the team. In January of 2019, Tammy was voted to ECCPI Management after the exit of ECCPI Co-Founder Joe White.

Mimi H.

Personal History

Mimi’s paranormal journey started when she was just an infant. She grew up in a farmhouse, built in 1811, teeming with unexplainable activity. Being an inquisitive only child, Mimi wanted to learn more about the friends that she couldn’t always see, so she began talking to them. Mimi quickly became comfortable with the spirits around her and started to discover her empathic abilities at a very young age.  She felt like it was her responsibility to be their voice when they couldn’t speak for themselves. Mimi has a strong desire to help people, whether they are alive or have passed.

            When she discovered the ECCPI in January of 2018, she was able to work closely with people that had the same beliefs as her. Mimi now enjoys being able to communicate with clients, and the beings that live with them, in a professional setting. The mysteries surrounding the paranormal keep her motivated to search for answers to the unexplainable.

ECCPI Specific Role

Mimi is one of two Case Managers. Her specific role is Case Review Manager, which helps coordinate investigation review assignments with team members. This is to ensure all review is done in a timely manner. She is often a Team Leader during investigations as well.

ECCPI History

Mimi was interviewed by ECCPI Founder David and was immediately brought into the ECCPI family following her interview. Although Mimi didn’t have any team experience, her personal experiences, drive, and shared vision on the paranormal were deciding factors in her addition to the team. On her first investigation, she immediately showed promise and took charge of the investigation. She is a natural born investigator and has quickly become one of ECCPI’s team leaders.

Tracey S.


Joannie T.

Personal History

helped her understand her gifts and has taught her everything she knows spiritually. Tammy and Joannie have been investigating together for over 20 years and have done countless cleansings together to help clients struggling with the paranormal. Their faith in a higher power has brought them on this path to help others with what they do not understand.

         In April 2018, Joannie was introduced to David and the ECCPI team and ultimately decided to join the team. Joannie thought ECCPI was a good match because everyone had a pure at heart purpose and investigates for the right reasons. She also shares the same goals as the other members of ECCPI. Those goals being 1: Wanting to help people who feel helpless and alone when dealing with the paranormal. ECCPI wants to help these people feel empowered and safe in their homes. 2: To prove that the paranormal does exist and the spiritual world does exist.

ECCPI Specific Role

As an ECCPI Equipment Manager Joannie is responsible for ensure all equipment is stored and handled properly. She also joins the head Investigators on walkthroughs and helps to decide where equipment like cameras, motion sensors, audio recorders, etc. will be deployed during the investigation. She then sets up the equipment with the help of other equipment managers and investigators. Joannie also helps with designing and creating new equipment for the team to use on investigations.

ECCPI History

Joannie first encountered the paranormal as a young girl. She grew up in a home that was once a farmhouse that had originally burned to the ground. The home was then rebuilt into a home that housed nuns. Growing up she would see the spirits of the previous tenants that were no longer living. She connected with them on a spiritual level and could sense how they had died and could even feel their emotions. Growing up she would mention the spirits to her family, but they thought she was crazy. One night while she was asleep, she could sense her grandfather had passed. Her mother woke her up shortly after and told her that he had passed away. Joannie told her mother that she knew because he was sitting on her bed and told her how much he loved her. Her mother again, not believing her told her she was crazy.

           Joannie started her journey in the paranormal to help people not feel alone and scared, like she felt growing up seeing and interacting with spirits. Later in life, Joannie met Tammy who has

Joannie was brought onto the team in April 2018 after being highly recommended by ECCPI Investigator Tammy. Joannie’s compassion for clients and their experiences sets her apart and makes her a valuable addition to the team. Because of her experience working with Tammy prior to joining ECCPI, she helps lead the house cleansings when requested by clients and approved by ECCPI. Her extensive knowledge is vital in the helping clients get the closure and comfort they reach out to ECCPI for.

Case Managers

Equipment Managers

empathic abilities, Michael still takes a scientific approach to the paranormal. As a long time, military member, and corrections officer, he has a mental toughness that is unparalleled. His mental fortitude helps him stick to the logic of every and any situation. The investigative tools of preparation, education, and experience are the founding ideals that Michael strives to bring to each investigation. Those ideals aided by modern technology help Michael complete a well rounded and comprehensive approach to the paranormal.

ECCPI Specific Role:

Michael is the newest addition to ECCPI Management. He was voted into the role by team members in August 2020 and will be the eventual successor to Cheryl's position in 2021. As a head investigator Michael will be responsible for ensuring a smooth-running investigation process for clients and the ECCPI team. Michael will also be responsible for making critical team related decisions along with the other head investigators.

ECCPI History:
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